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Lesson 7: The Two Sons

The Two Sons

Brief explanatory notes

Most of this parable focuses on the younger son, the prodigal. But it could also be called “The Parable of the Loving Father”. Here we have a compelling portrait of God who loves us so much and is so willing to receive us when we repent and turn to Him. He even runs!

The older son is also an important figure here. The prodigal son represented the “sinners” with whom Jesus associated, bringing on Himself the complaints of the religious leaders. And this elder son pictured the Pharisees themselves. How sad that this elder son would rather not have fellowship with the Father than accept his father’s treatment of his brother. God’s grace is wide and deep enough to receive the “worst” of sinners; and if we insist on a judgmental attitude, an unforgiving attitude, then we cut ourselves off from fellowship with such a forgiving, party-throwing God.

So, which of these brothers best represents you?


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