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Lesson 10: The Tenants

The Tenants

Brief explanatory notes

Here, the landowner represents God, the vineyard pictures Israel and the tenant farmers were the Jewish religious leaders. Over the centuries, God had faithfully sent prophets and priests to preach His Word to Israel, but the nation had mistreated and even killed many of them. The son, of course, is a picture of Jesus whom God finally sent. The story accurately predicted what would happen to Him and exposed the plot of the religious leaders—who were listening!—to murder Jesus.

With His rejection by Israel, God would then turn to “other tenants”, the Gentiles to whom the Gospel message would be preached and received.

Jesus’ remarks about the “stone” are actually referring to Himself. People can build their lives on that stone. Others may trip over it in unbelief. And for those who don’t believe or build on Him, that stone will eventually crush them in judgment.

So, what is your relationship to the “Stone”?


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