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Character by Character, Series 4

Lesson 10: Titus




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1. Which church was the focus of Titus’s ‘delicate mission’?

    a) Ephesus.

    b) Corinth.

    c) Philippi.

2. Some people think that Titus was whose brother?

    a) Paul's.

    b) Timothy's.

    c) Luke's.

3. Why does God ‘comfort us’?

    a) To make us comforters.

    b) To make us comfortable.

4. Did Titus accompany Paul and Barnabas to the Jerusalem Council?

    a) Yes.

    b) No.

5. To which region did Paul send Titus with a ‘tough assignment’?

    a) Galatia.

    b) Macedonia.

    c) Crete.

6. Did Titus meet the high standards for the qualities required of an elder?

    a) Yes.

    b) No.

7. What is Bill Gothard’s definition of leadership?

    a) A leader is someone who inspires people to do their best work.

    b) A leader is someone who sees farther into the future than those around him can.

8. What can make possible the living of self-controlled, godly lives in the world?

    a) The grace of God.

    b) Courageous faith.

9. What definition does the author give for “wisdom”?

    a) Knowing and doing what is best in any given situation.

    b) Seeing things from God’s point of view.

10. How do many commentators refer to Titus?

    a) Titus the Faithful.

    b) Titus the Elder.

    c) Titus the Dependable.

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