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Used with permission: Character by Character compiled by Selwyn Hughes and Trevor Partridge. Copyright © CWR (www.cwr.org.uk).


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Character by Character

Lesson 8: Simon Peter

Simon Peter



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1. Who was Simon Peter’s brother?

    a) John.

    b) Andrew.

    c) Matthew.

2. Where was their home?

    a) Nazareth.

    b) Jerusalem.

    c) Capernaum.

3. In his early days as a disciple, what kind of nature did Peter have?

    a) Impulsive.

    b) Generous.

    c) Loving.

4. Who initially refused to let Jesus wash his feet in the Upper Room?

    a) Andrew.

    b) Peter.

    c) John.

5. What did Peter do when Jesus was arrested?

    a) He prayed.

    b) He pleaded with the soldiers.

    c) He struck someone with his sword.

6. Despite his self-confident profession of loyalty to Jesus, what did Peter do after Christ’s arrest?

    a) He immediately fled to Galilee.

    b) He denied his Lord three times.

7. Maturity is being able to recognise your weaknesses as well as your strengths.

    a) True.

    b) False.

8. Which two disciples ran to the tomb after Christ’s resurrection?

    a) James and John.

    b) Peter and John.

    c) Andrew and Peter.

9. When Jesus met the disciples in Galilee, how many times did He challenge Peter’s love for Him?

    a) Once.

    b) Twice.

    c) Three times.

10. What changed Peter from being a coward to being a fearless spokesman for the disciples?

    a) The fullness of the Holy Spirit.

    b) The development of his personal courage.

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