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Character by Character

Lesson 6: Joseph




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1. Where did Joseph live?

    a) In Jerusalem.

    b) In Nazareth.

2. Who was Joseph’s great ancestor?

    a) Moses.

    b) Saul.

    c) David.

3. What was Joseph’s occupation?

    a) He was a fisherman.

    b) He was a carpenter.

4. Joseph illustrates that ordinariness is no bar to usefulness and spiritual importance.

    a) True.

    b) False.

5. Before the angel visited him, what was Joseph planning to do?

    a) Journey to Hebron.

    b) Divorce Mary.

    c) Take Mary to Bethlehem.

6. How and why did Joseph understand the words of the angel?

    a) He had special insight into spiritual truths.

    b) He knew the Old Testament prophecy concerning the promise of Christ’s coming.

7. How did Joseph demonstrate his deep devotion to God?

    a) He refrained from physically consummating the marriage until after the birth of Jesus.

    b) He made annual pilgrimages to Bethlehem.

8. According to F.W. Robertson, what two things has God linked together?

    a) Power and glory.

    b) Sacrifice and salvation.

    c) Obedience and power.

9. Where did Joseph take his little family to escape from King Herod?

    a) To Egypt.

    b) To Damascus.

    c) To Galilee.

10. According to this lesson, what is the greatest attribute a parent can show to their children?

    a) Courage.

    b) Patience.

    c) Consideration.

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