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Character by Character

Lesson 13: Andrew




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1. Who was Andrew’s more famous brother?

    a) John.

    b) Peter.

    c) Paul.

2. What was the main fishing village on the Lake of Galilee?

    a) Bethsaida.

    b) Jericho.

    c) Capernaum.

3. What was Andrew’s vocation when Jesus called him?

    a) A fisherman.

    b) A carpenter.

    c) A tax collector.

4. The word ‘disciple’ means…

    a) someone who exercises self-discipline.

    b) someone who is a learner, following a master.

5. Before becoming a disciple of Jesus, Andrew was a disciple of whom?

    a) Moses.

    b) A great rabbi.

    c) John the Baptist.

6. Have you ever introduced anyone to Christ? (either answer is 'correct' for purposes of this test)

    a) Yes.

    b) No.

7. As part of the feeding of the 5000, what role did Andrew play?

    a) He brought a young boy with some loaves and fishes to Jesus.

    b) He organized the crowd into smaller groups.

8. Jesus predicted the destruction of what impressive buildings in Jerusalem?

    a) Herod’s palace.

    b) The ancient area of Zion.

    c) The Temple buildings.

9. What empowered the disciples to carry out Jesus’ commission?

    a) The filling of the Holy Spirit.

    b) The Scriptures.

10. In what way did Andrew especially excel?

    a) He was a powerful preacher.

    b) He was a bringer of others to Jesus.

    c) He performed wonderful miracles.

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