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Character by Character

Lesson 8: Esther




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1. What caused Queen Vashti to be deposed?

    a) A rival in the harem took her place.

    b) She had refused to obey the King.

2. Which is the only book in the Bible in which the name of God is not mentioned?

    a) Ruth.

    b) Esther.

    c) Amos.

3. What was Esther’s relationship to Mordecai?

    a) Cousin and adopted daughter.

    b) Sister-in-law.

    c) Niece.

4. The plot that Mordecai overheard was being planned against whom?

    a) Mordecai.

    b) Esther.

    c) King Ahasuerus.

5. Why didn’t Mordecai bow down before Haman?

    a) He didn’t like Haman’s proud behavior.

    b) He would not bow down to anyone but God.

6. Haman persuaded the King to issue a royal decree calling for what?

    a) That Esther be deposed as Queen and banished.

    b) The massacre of all the Jews in the Persian Empire.

7. What happened between the two meals Esther hosted for the King and Haman?

    a) Haman built a gallows for Mordecai, and the King was reminded of Mordecai’s role in saving his life.

    b) The city of Susa was disturbed and riots broke out.

8. Who is forced to escort Mordecai in a parade to honour him publicly?

    a) Esther.

    b) Hegai.

    c) Haman.

9. Who is appointed as Haman’s successor?

    a) Bigthana.

    b) Mordecai.

    c) Esther.

10. What Feast is initiated in celebration of the Jews’ deliverance?

    a) Feast of Passover.

    b) Feast of Tabernacles.

    c) Feast of Purim.

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