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Character by Character

Lesson 3: Solomon




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1. Who engineered a plot to overthrow David?

    a) Bathsheba.

    b) Adonijah.

    c) Zadok.

2. Who successfully appealed to David to name Solomon as his successor?

    a) Bathsheba.

    b) Adonijah.

    c) Zadok.

3. What did Solomon ask God for when He appeared to Solomon in a dream?

    a) Wealth and riches.

    b) Peace and long life.

    c) A wise and discerning heart.

4. Why did rulers from all over the world bring gifts to Solomon?

    a) They wanted to hear the wisdom which God had given him.

    b) Israel had conquered them and put them under tribute.

5. Was the Book of Ecclesiastes written by Solomon?

    a) Yes.

    b) No.

6. What was Solomon’s greatest building project?

    a) The hanging gardens.

    b) His palace.

    c) The Temple in Jerusalem.

7. Solomon’s kingdom was so affluent that this material was not considered to be a precious metal:

    a) Gold.

    b) Silver.

    c) Bronze.

8. Solomon became the embodiment of God’s intention for Israel when he led pagan nations to the light and knowledge of the one and only true God.

    a) True.

    b) False.

9. What was the source of Solomon’s major downfall?

    a) He had too many expensive building projects.

    b) He had many foreign wives who practised idolatry.

10. The empire Solomon built crumbled soon after his death because

    a) he had become preoccupied more with projects than with people.

    b) no successor king could be as wise as Solomon.

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