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Character by Character

Lesson 11: Jeremiah




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1. What happened before Jeremiah was even born?

    a) His parents had gone into exile.

    b) God had already appointed him as a prophet.

2. What was the main reason for Jeremiah’s pronouncements of judgment upon Judah and Israel?

    a) They had forsaken the Lord for the worship of idols.

    b) They had mistreated the poor.

3. What causes Jeremiah’s heart to break?

    a) The death of his parents.

    b) The misuse of funds by the nation’s leaders.

    c) The unwillingness of God’s people to repent of their sins.

4. Jeremiah’s family, and especially his brothers, were very supportive of him.

    a) True.

    b) False.

5. What was Jeremiah’s home town?

    a) Bethlehem.

    b) Anathoth.

    c) Jerusalem.

6. To show His people what He wished He could do with them, what example did God use?

    a) A fisherman catching a large number of fish.

    b) A soldier killing many enemies.

    c) A potter shaping a pot out of clay.

7. Research shows that one of the key factors for professional success is

    a) singleness of purpose.

    b) a supportive family.

8. To which Jews did Jeremiah write a letter?

    a) Those living in the Galilee area.

    b) Those who had been carried away captive into Babylon.

9. Even though he vacillated between confident faith and abject misery, Jeremiah still proclaimed God’s message faithfully.

    a) True.

    b) False.

10. To an unusual extent, Jeremiah reveals to us

    a) the logic of his thinking.

    b) the power of his preaching.

    c) how deeply he feels his people’s pain.

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