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Character by Character

Lesson 4: Isaac




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1. Did Isaac resist Abraham when his father placed him on the sacrificial altar?

    a) Yes.

    b) No.

2. Isaac on the altar is a great Old Testament picture of what New Testament event?

    a) The raising of Lazarus.

    b) The Day of Pentecost.

    c) The willing sacrifice of Jesus on the cross in obedience to His Father.

3. Why did Abraham send his servant to Mesopotamia to find a bride for Isaac?

    a) The local women were idolaters.

    b) Mesopotamian women were especially beautiful.

4. Does God’s command about not being “yoked together with unbelievers” apply to modern-day marriage?

    a) Yes.

    b) No.

5. Who does Eliezer bring back as a bride for Isaac?

    a) Rebekah.

    b) Rachel.

    c) Sarah.

6. What was the biggest issue of concern to Isaac and his wife in their marriage?

    a) They were poor.

    b) Their neighbours were antagonistic towards them.

    c) She was barren, unable to produce children.

7. In lying about his wife to the king of Gerar, who did Isaac imitate?

    a) Noah.

    b) Abraham.

    c) Enoch.

8. What did Isaac re-open when he settled in the valley of Gerar?

    a) Wells.

    b) Historic buildings.

    c) The road to Mesopotamia.

9. Which son did Isaac want to bestow his blessing upon?

    a) Jacob.

    b) Esau.

10. What was the outstanding characteristic of Isaac’s life?

    a) Courageous conquests.

    b) Pride and arrogance.

    c) Self-effacement.

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