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presents "New Life in Christ" Course 2


UB David + I'll B Jonathan, Inc.

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The Mailbox Club presents

New Life in Christ Course 2

Lesson 10
Jesus Christ: Our Life!



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1. After the Lord Jesus went back to Heaven, He came back to His disciples

    a) only in their thoughts.

    b) in a body just like He had before He died.

    c) in the person of the Holy Spirit to live in them.

2. The two aspects of our new relationship with Christ are:

    a) the believer is IN CHRIST and Christ is in the believer.

    b) the believer is like Christ and Christ is like the believer.

    c) the believer is with Christ and Christ is with the believer.

3. Our being IN CHRIST is

    a) something we have done.

    b) something God has done.

    c) something we must work to achieve.

4. We can be sure that we are IN CHRIST because

    a) we feel that we are.

    b) we have had a wonderful experience.

    c) the Bible declares that it is so.

5. We know that Christ lives in us because

    a) of God’s clear statements that the living Christ is living in us.

    b) we have a tingling feeling inside.

    c) we attend church and pray to God.

6. We experience all the things that Christ is

    a) when we try our best to be like some good Christian that we know.

    b) only when we are in church.

    c) as we abide in Him.

7. To "abide" in Christ means

    a) to remain in unbroken fellowship with Him.

    b) to try to get IN CHRIST.

    c) to be very religious.

8. Our abiding in Christ is broken when

    a) we sin.

    b) we lose our salvation.

    c) big problems come up.

9. When we sin, God wants us

    a) to feel bad about it for a long time before coming to Him.

    b) to wait a while before confessing our sins to Him.

    c) to confess our sin to Him immediately.

10. We abide in Christ by

    a) doing nothing but thinking about Him constantly.

    b) recognizing His presence in us, obeying Him, and drawing on Him for all our needs.

    c) trying to be as good as we possibly can be.

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