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The Boy from Brooklyn

Lesson 3: God Has a Plan for Johnny’s Life



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1. Did Johnny like grade school?

    a) Yes.

    b) No.

2. Who was the leader of a gang in grade school?

    a) Priscilla.

    b) Paulina.

3. What threat did Johnny once face in middle school?

    a) A big guy pulled out a knife on him.

    b) The principal threatened to expel Johnny from school.

4. What was Johnny's job in the school lunch room?

    a) He was a guard checking lunch passes.

    b) He served food.

5. What happened that sent Johnny to the principal's office?

    a) Johnny hit the bully.

    b) The bully showed Johnny his lunch pass.

    c) The bully knocked Johnny to the floor.

6. What job did Johnny do in high school?

    a) He delivered telegrams.

    b) He worked at McDonald's.

7. What was the best thing that happened to Johnny in high school?

    a) He played basketball.

    b) He met a Christian friend.

8. According to his new friend Bob, what did Jesus want Johnny to do?

    a) To join a baseball team.

    b) To get to know Jesus better.

9. What does the Bible tell us?

    a) How to live to please God.

    b) How to earn lots of money.

10. How can you learn more about God?

    a) By spending time in the library.

    b) By reading God's 'letter' to us, the Bible.

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