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Obey Your Conscience

Lesson 7: Obey Your Conscience



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1. There are two ways we can know if something is wrong:

    a) by seeing what the Bible says, and by asking someone else what they think.

    b) by seeing what the Bible says, and by listening to our conscience.

2. If you have done something wrong, you should

    a) wait until you go to church and talk to your Sunday School teacher.

    b) confess it to God at once.

3. When we confess our sins to God, He

    a) becomes very angry with us.

    b) forgives us and makes us clean again.

4. If your conscience warns you that a certain thing is wrong,

    a) don't do it.

    b) it is all right to do it if your friends are doing it.

5. When a Christian sins and will not confess and forsake his sins,

    a) God will overlook his sins because He is so kind.

    b) God will chasten (reprove) him.

6. The lesson we should learn from the story of Samson is:

    a) do not disobey your conscience.

    b) blame God if you have trouble in life.

7. Once we have confessed our sins to God,

    a) we should stop doing those things.

    b) we can keep on sinning as long as we just ask God to forgive us.

8. When friends or others try to get you to do something you know is wrong,

    a) do it so they will like you.

    b) just say "No."

9. When you are asked to try drugs or alcohol, you should

    a) try it once to see what it is like.

    b) just say "No."

10. Sex before marriage

    a) is one of the worst sins that young people can be involved in.

    b) is not really wrong since so many young people are doing it.

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