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What are You Worth?

Lesson 2: What are You Worth?



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1. A problem that causes young people much hurt and pain is

    a) the feeling that they are as good as other people.

    b) the feeling that they are not as good as other people.

2. The feeling that we are not as good as other people comes from

    a) accepting wrong thoughts.

    b) not having as much money as they have.

3. Wrong thoughts don't have any bad effect on us.

    a) True.

    b) False.

4. The world says that the most important things in life are

    a) being a Christian and doing what God wants you to do.

    b) having good looks, being smart, and having a lot of money.

5. The idea that if you are not good looking you are not worth much comes from

    a) the Bible.

    b) the world.

6. When the Lord Jesus chose His disciples, he chose

    a) plain, ordinary people.

    b) only very important people.

7. To change the way you feel about yourself, you must

    a) dress and act like your friends.

    b) change your thinking.

8. To show us what we are worth to Him, God gave

    a) His Son to die on the cross for us.

    b) an angel to die for us.

9. To help you feel better about yourself you should

    a) forget about your problems.

    b) face your problems honestly and do something about them.

10. The best thing you can do with your "unsolvable problems" is

    a) to give them to the Lord Jesus.

    b) to worry about them all the time.

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