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Explorers Series 2

Series 2 Lesson 3

God is For Me



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1. How did God get rid of my sins?

    a) He just pretended that He did not know about them.

    b) He placed all my sins on His Son on the cross.

2. Once I am in God's family,

    a) I am always in His family.

    b) I am in His family until I sin.

3. When I sin after I am saved,

    a) I should go to God at once and confess that sin to Him.

    b) I should just forgive myself and go on.

4. How does God feel toward me right now?

    a) He is disappointed in me and hopes I will do better.

    b) He loves me with all His heart.

5. God wants me to know that He is for me,

    a) only when I am doing good.

    b) no matter what happens.

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