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The Boy from Brooklyn

Lesson 2: Johnny’s Heavenly Father Watches Over Him



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1. What happened to Johnny as a result of him trusting Jesus as His Savior?

    a) He wanted to become a preacher.

    b) He didn't want to get mixed up with the gangs.

2. Why did Mr. George let Johnny work for him?

    a) Because Johnny had changed.

    b) Because Johnny had never sinned.

3. Why did Johnny think his life wasn't fair?

    a) Because he had to do chores around the house.

    b) Because he had to babysit his little brother.

4. What did Johnny realize later?

    a) He had missed out on a lot of fun.

    b) It was good he had learned to help at home.

5. Growing up includes learning to help our parents and to be kind to our brothers and sisters.

    a) True.

    b) False.

6. What did Johnny sometimes do on Saturdays?

    a) He played football at school.

    b) He went to the library to hear stories or watch movies.

7. How did Johnny get to Coney Island?

    a) On the subway train.

    b) On the bus.

8. What was Coney Island?

    a) A zoo.

    b) An amusement park.

9. What did Johnny buy with the money he had saved?

    a) A collie puppy.

    b) A small turtle.

10. How did God use Sandy in Johnny's life?

    a) Sandy helped him get to school.

    b) Sandy protected him and kept him from getting into trouble with the gangs.

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