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Survey of the Scriptures

Part 2: The Pentateuch

The Pentateuch



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1. What is another name for the Pentateuch?

    a) The Royal Law.

    b) The book of the Law of Moses.

    c) The Book of Beginnings.

2. God intended the Hebrew people to read through the Pentateuch every

    a) two years.

    b) five years.

    c) seven years.

3. In his teaching, Christ

    a) frequently referred to these books.

    b) rarely referred to these books.

4. In the garden of Eden God’s judgment came upon man because

    a) he neglected his duties.

    b) he disobeyed God.

5. God’s special promise to Abram (Abraham) was that

    a) he would father a nation through which would come blessing to all nations.

    b) he would become rich and famous.

6. Where did God give Moses the law and the instructions for the tabernacle?

    a) In Goshen.

    b) At the Red Sea.

    c) At Mount Sinai.

7. Leviticus teaches that there can be no remission (forgiveness) of sins without

    a) living a godly life.

    b) shedding of blood.

    c) payment of silver.

8. Which book gives the story of the wilderness wanderings of the Israelites?

    a) Exodus.

    b) Numbers.

9. In the speeches Moses gave in Deuteronomy, the people often heard these two words:

    a) hear and do.

    b) see and believe.

10. Why should Christians be known as “the people of the Book”?

    a) Because Christians are well educated.

    b) Because Christians are heirs to the blessing God promised Abraham.

    c) Because Christians are to teach, preach and live by the Word of God.

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