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Ahab—the Pouting King



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1. King Ahab’s summer palace was in

    a) Jerusalem.

    b) Jezreel.

2. Ahab wanted Naboth’s vineyard because

    a) it was just what he needed to enlarge his own garden.

    b) he wanted to make wine from the grapes.

3. Why didn’t Naboth want to sell his vineyard?

    a) This land was given to his family by God as their inheritance.

    b) He had put a lot of work into planting the vines.

4. King Ahab was content with Naboth’s refusal to sell the vineyard.

    a) True.

    b) False.

5. When the king’s servants became alarmed about his unhappiness, they told

    a) Queen Jezebel.

    b) the Queen of Sheba.

6. To solve King Ahab’s problem, the Queen wrote letters to

    a) the rulers of Jerusalem.

    b) the rulers of Jezreel.

7. The letters commanded that Naboth be charged with

    a) murdering his neighbour.

    b) speaking against God and the king.

8. When Naboth was stoned to death,

    a) Ahab rushed to take possession of his vineyard.

    b) Ahab lost interest in the vineyard.

9. Who did God send to confront King Ahab about his sin?

    a) Eleazar the priest.

    b) Elijah the prophet.

10. God’s warning that “the wages of sin is death” is meant to

    a) frighten us and make us feel guilty.

    b) turn us from our own way of destruction to a way of life through Jesus Christ.

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