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1. The "furniture" in the Tabernacle was placed

    a) where Moses thought best.

    b) exactly where God told Moses it should be, and it was in the form of a cross.

2. The moment a person stepped inside the one gate, he stood before

    a) the Brazen Altar, which was a type of Christ and His death on the cross.

    b) the Laver of brass where he was washed, signifying that his sins were washed away.

3. After Christ's death on the cross

    a) there never need be another animal sacrifice because the perfect sacrifice for sin has been offered.

    b) it was necessary that the animal sacrifices be continued because people continued sinning and needed sacrifices for their sins.

4. Our "laver" is

    a) baptism because it is there that our sins are washed away.

    b) the Word of God, and we must go daily to the "laver" of God's Word for cleansing.

5. Who had the right to go into the Holy Place of the Tabernacle?

    a) Any Israelite.

    b) Only the priests and they dared not go in without washing.

6. In God's sight who are "priests" today?

    a) Only those who are recognized as priests by religious authorities.

    b) Every person who has trusted Christ as Savior.

7. Since every believer is now a "priest," this means

    a) that we can enjoy fellowship with God provided we have daily cleansing.

    b) that we can enjoy fellowship with God regardless of how we are living.

8. The framework of the Tabernacle consisted of 48 boards of wood, overlaid with gold. Each of these boards represents

    a) a sinner, saved by the grace of God.

    b) a religious person who has not sinned very much.

9. The Tabernacle rested on a foundation of silver, which was a type of

    a) redemption by Jesus Christ and His blood which was shed for our sins.

    b) the good works which we must do to be saved.

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