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UB David + I'll B Jonathan, Inc.

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1. To live a life of victory, we must

    a) be as busy as we can be in God's work.

    b) have a Quiet Time with the Lord each day.

2. The rock that provided water for Israel was a type of Christ. God told Moses

    a) to strike the rock one time and afterwards to speak to the rock.

    b) to strike the rock again and again as necessary.

3. Old Testament believers were saved by looking forward by faith to the coming Savior. We are saved by

    a) looking back by faith to Christ's death on the cross.

    b) believing in Jesus and keeping the Ten Commandments.

4. Christ's death on the cross

    a) was the perfect and complete sacrifice for our sins, and it need never be repeated.

    b) was the sacrifice for our past sins but this sacrifice needs to be repeated for the sins we commit now and in the future.

5. One reason God gave the law was

    a) to show men what sin was.

    b) to make things hard for them.

6. Another reason God gave the law was to show men that

    a) the way to be saved was by keeping these commandments.

    b) they were sinners and needed Christ as their Savior.

7. The First Commandment means that

    a) I must give God an important place in my life.

    b) I must love God more than I love anyone or anything else.

8. An idol is

    a) just an image made out of wood, stone or metal.

    b) anything that comes before God in your life.

9. Taking Christ's name or God's name in cursing or in a light or careless way

    a) is a serious sin for which God will hold you accountable.

    b) is not really a sin if you don't mean anything by it.

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