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Know Your Bible

Level 4
Lesson 22: Jesus is Living

Jesus is Living



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1. When Jesus' friends went to his grave three days after His death, what did they find?

    a) His body was not there.

    b) Roman guards were still guarding the tomb.

2. What town were two of the disciples walking to in this story?

    a) Bethlehem.

    b) Emmaus.

3. Who did the stranger who joined them turn out to be?

    a) The resurrected Jesus.

    b) Peter the disciple.

4. Did Jesus allow the disciples to touch the wounds in His body?

    a) Yes.

    b) No.

5. What did Jesus help His disciples understand?

    a) That He had been a good man who had helped many people.

    b) That He was actually the Son of God.

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