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Know Your Bible

Level 2
Lesson 23: Jesus is Alive

Jesus is Alive



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1. This story took place in which season of the year?

    a) Fall.

    b) Winter.

    c) Spring.

2. Down the road came

    a) three women.

    b) a donkey.

3. Why were the women feeling sad?

    a) They wanted the sun to shine.

    b) Because Jesus had died.

4. The women thought

    a) Jesus was still dead.

    b) Jesus was alive.

5. The women were going to His tomb

    a) to see if the tomb was okay.

    b) to put sweet smelling spices in the garden tomb.

6. When they reached the tomb, what did they see first?

    a) That the big stone had been rolled away.

    b) That there was a guard at the tomb.

7. Jesus

    a) was still there in the tomb.

    b) was not there—the tomb was empty.

8. What did the women see at the tomb?

    a) What looked like a young man dressed in shining white.

    b) A basket of food.

9. What did the stranger tell them?

    a) That he wanted some food.

    b) "Do not be afraid, Jesus is alive."

10. The women were to go

    a) and tell everyone the good news.

    b) and keep this a secret.

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