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Know Your Bible

Level 2
Lesson 21: Our Friend Jesus

Our Friend Jesus



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1. What had happened to the nobleman's little boy?

    a) His little boy was very sick.

    b) His little boy had broken his leg.

2. What did the worried father suddenly remember?

    a) That there was a doctor in town who could give him medicine.

    b) That Jesus was in a town not very far away.

3. What did the father decide to do?

    a) He decided to go and ask Jesus to heal his little boy.

    b) He decided to fix the boy's favorite meal.

4. When he found Jesus, what did he ask Him to do?

    a) He asked him for some medicine for his little boy.

    b) He asked Jesus to come and heal him before he died.

5. How did Jesus feel about the anxious father?

    a) He felt sorry for him and his little boy.

    b) He wished the man would go away.

6. What did Jesus say to this nobleman?

    a) "Go your way, your son lives."

    b) "Go your way and leave me alone."

7. Did the nobleman believe what Jesus had told him?

    a) Yes.

    b) No.

8. What did one of his servants come and tell him?

    a) "The little boy is better."

    b) "The little boy is still very sick."

9. When did the boy begin to get well?

    a) At the time when Jesus had told the father, "Go your way, your son lives."

    b) After he had some soup.

10. What might the nobleman have told his little boy when he reached home?

    a) He told him all about his trip.

    b) He told him that it was Jesus who had made him well.

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