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Know Your Bible

Level 2
Lesson 19: A Golden Rule

A Golden Rule



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1. What is one reason why Jesus left His beautiful heavenly home to come to this earth?

    a) To show people how to be happy together.

    b) To see this earth.

2. What rule did Jesus teach to help us keep happy?

    a) Do things for ourselves.

    b) Love one another.

3. What did Jesus do for a little boy who was sick?

    a) Jesus made the boy well again.

    b) Jesus read a book to him.

4. How did the boy and his father feel?

    a) They were happy and thankful.

    b) They went on their way without saying thank you.

5. What did Jesus do for Bartimaeus?

    a) Jesus took him a meal.

    b) Jesus made his eyes well so he could see again.

6. How did Bartimaeus feel after that?

    a) He was so happy and thankful that he wanted to follow Jesus everywhere He went.

    b) He felt sad because he could not be a beggar any longer.

7. As people obeyed the Golden Rule Jesus taught, how did they feel?

    a) Sad and upset.

    b) Happy.

8. Did you learn your Memory Verse?

    a) Yes.

    b) No.

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