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Know Your Bible

Level 2
Lesson 12: A Man Sees Jesus

A Man Sees Jesus



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1. In Jesus' day how old were babies when they were named?

    a) 14 days old.

    b) 12 months old.

    c) 8 days old.

2. What happened when baby Jesus was about one month old?

    a) His parents took him to the temple.

    b) They moved into a house.

    c) The shepherds came to see him.

3. Why did Jesus' parents take him to the temple?

    a) So that the minister would bless him.

    b) So he could see the temple.

4. Where did Simeon live?

    a) Bethlehem.

    b) Jerusalem.

5. What message had God given Simeon years before this?

    a) That Simeon would one day live in Bethlehem.

    b) That Simeon would not die until baby Jesus was born.

6. What did Simeon know as he looked at the infant Jesus?

    a) That Jesus was Christ, the King.

    b) He knew how old Jesus was.

7. What did Simeon say when he took baby Jesus into his arms?

    a) "I like to hold babies."

    b) "I have seen the One who is to bring salvation to the world."

8. That day in the temple, Simeon also blessed

    a) Mary and Joseph.

    b) the shepherds.

9. When do we remember Jesus' birthday?

    a) Easter.

    b) Christmas.

10. Did you learn your memory verse?

    a) Yes.

    b) No.

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