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Character by Character, Series 4

Lesson 7: Barnabas




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1. What does the name “Barnabas” mean?

    a) Friendly.

    b) Encourager.

    c) Faithful.

2. Where did Barnabas come from?

    a) Cyprus.

    b) Rome.

    c) Tarsus.

3. Who intervened to help the apostles accept Saul as a true believer?

    a) James.

    b) Peter.

    c) Barnabas.

4. When Barnabas was sent to oversee the evangelistic work in Antioch, who did he recruit to help him?

    a) John Mark.

    b) Saul.

    c) Silas.

5. Acts 11:24 tells us that Barnabas was full of

    a) the Holy Spirit and faith.

    b) grace and truth.

    c) patience and love.

6. What theological issue caused a dispute in the church at Antioch?

    a) The baptism of John.

    b) Circumcision as an essential for salvation.

7. Where was this dispute resolved?

    a) At the Council in Jerusalem.

    b) At the church assembly in Antioch.

8. A general scriptural principle is that those who engage in full-time Christian ministry should be supported by the believers to whom they minister.

    a) True.

    b) False.

9. How did the apostle Paul sometimes support himself?

    a) By giving Bible seminars.

    b) By tent-making.

    c) By fishing.

10. What outstanding lesson can we learn from the life of Barnabas?

    a) The importance of the ministry of encouragement.

    b) The value of perseverance in ministry.

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