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Character by Character

Lesson 4: Elijah




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1. With which king did Elijah have multiple confrontations?

    a) Saul.

    b) Ahab.

    c) Jehu.

2. Why did God send a great drought over Israel?

    a) Because they were worshipping false gods.

    b) Because they had turned away from the one true God.

    c) Both of the above.

3. Which experience developed within Elijah a deep sense of dependency on God?

    a) God’s care for him at the brook Cherith.

    b) God’s provision for the widow at Zarephath.

4. It is more blessed to receive than to give.

    a) True.

    b) False.

5. Where did the contest between Elijah and the prophets of Baal take place?

    a) Mount Hermon.

    b) Mount Zion.

    c) Mount Carmel.

6. When God answered Elijah’s prayer with fire from heaven, what did the people do?

    a) They chased away the prophets of Baal.

    b) They chased Elijah into the wilderness.

    c) They acknowledged that the Lord is God.

7. Whose death threat sent Elijah running into the wilderness?

    a) The people of Israel.

    b) Queen Jezebel.

    c) King Ahab.

8. How did Elisha break with his past in order to follow Elijah?

    a) He used his oxen and yokes to make a farewell feast for his family.

    b) He left his cloak and mantle at home.

9. What was the condition for Elisha to receive his request of Elijah?

    a) If he looked after Elijah with faithful service.

    b) If he saw Elijah go up into heaven.

10. No matter how frail and insignificant we may feel, whenever we place ourselves in God’s hands we accomplish far more than we can ever realise.

    a) True.

    b) False.

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