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If you're interested in more Bible materials, take a look at the Illustrated Bible — downloadable Bible portions with illustrations and audio narrations at give-away prices; can be burned to DVD and freely distributed; ideal for Sunday School classes etc.


Welcome to Bible Exploration!

Here are lots of lessons which will help you become better acquainted with the Bible, God's Word to us, and discover valuable truths for living life. As you will see by the descriptions, many of these are geared to children but even more are meant for teens and adults. Enjoy discovering what God wants you to learn today!

famous Bible stories from Moody Bible Institute

These Old Testament stories, made for children, teens and adults, are self-running presentations with narration. They are all in VIDEO mp4 format and run about 10 minutes each.

Begin by clicking on the Lesson 1 link below (please begin with LESSON 1 especially if you intend to do the questions). After you have gone through each lesson in its video version you can return to this page and click on the relevant "Quiz" link to do the questions for that lesson.

Lessons Quizzes
1. Noah and the Ark
Purpose: to show the folly of ignoring God

Quiz #1
2. Joseph in Egypt
Purpose: to show how troubles can make us strong
Quiz #2
3. The Red Sea
Purpose: to teach the power of God, and His ability to free from the slavery of sin
Quiz #3
4. The Ten Commandments
Purpose: to teach the true purpose of the Ten Commandments
Quiz #4
5. The Serpent of Brass
Purpose: to teach that God's remedy for "the poison of sin" is faith in Him
Quiz #5
6. Samson
Purpose: to teach the importance of surrendering our lives completely to the Lord
Quiz #6
7. The Call of Samuel
Purpose: to show that it isn't enough to know about God, to serve in His house, or to have religious parents; we must know Him in our hearts, and give our lives to Him.
Quiz #7
8. David and Saul
Purpose: to teach the strength of humility
Quiz #8
9. The Wisdom of Solomon
Purpose: to teach that the greatest treasure we can have is God-given wisdom; and that all wisdom is found in the Lord Jesus Christ.
Quiz #9
10. Ahab — the Pouting King
Purpose: to teach us that God seeks to turn us from our own way of destruction to a way of life.
Quiz #10
11. Elijah and the Prophets of Baal
Purpose: to show that God is not willing that men should perish, but calls them to repentance.
Quiz #11
12. Naaman the Leper
Purpose: to teach the value of witnessing.
Quiz #12
13. Elisha and the Syrian Army
Purpose: to teach confidence in God's power to deliver us from our enemies; and our obligation to show mercy and forgiveness.
Quiz #13
14. Jonah and the Big Fish
Purpose: to teach that God is ready to forgive all who call upon Him in sincere repentance.
Quiz #14
15. The Fiery Furnace
Purpose: to teach courage—through Christ.
Quiz #15
16. Belshazzar's Feast
Purpose: to show children that God judges and rules over their lives.
Quiz #16
17. Daniel in the Lions' Den
Purpose: to teach God's care for those who dare to take a stand for Him.
Quiz #17
18. The Baby Moses
Purpose: to show that God prepares our lives for the work He has chosen for us.
Quiz #18
19. The Walls of Jericho
Purpose: to teach that a life of victory and blessing depends on faith in God and obedience to Him.
Quiz #19
20. Gideon
Purpose: to teach the true meaning of trusting and obeying God.
Quiz #20


valuable truths from the Bible story of David and Goliath

David & Goliath Story

...a deeper look at the main characters in what you thought was a familiar story

Lessons Quizzes
1. God Quiz #1
2. Goliath Quiz #2
3. David Quiz #3
4. Saul Quiz #4
5. Jonathan Quiz #5


Bible stories for children with life applications

This is a multi-level series of lessons geared to different school grades. Each set contains 24 lessons taking the student through the Bible by picking up stories from Genesis right through to the Gospels and Acts. These stories, based on Bible passages but adding imaginative scenerios, are designed to acquaint children with Bible stories and characters.
At the present time, Level 1, Level 2, Level 3 and Level 4 (basically for grade/primary 1, grade 2, grade 3 and grade 4 children) are available online here.

Know Your Bible — Level 1

Lessons Quizzes
1. Our God is Wonderful Quiz #1
2. Working Together Quiz #2
3. Avoiding Quarrels Quiz #3
4. God Sees in the Dark Quiz #4
5. Jealousy and Hatred Quiz #5
6. A Long Way from Home Quiz #6
7. God Has a Plan Quiz #7
8. Giving Thanks Quiz #8
9. Happiness is Others Quiz #9
10. God Provides Quiz #10
11. God's Gift of Love Quiz #11
12. Worship Him Quiz #12
13. Jesus in the Temple Quiz #13
14. God Cares Quiz #14
15. Talking to God Quiz #15
16. Blind Made to See Quiz #16
17. The Hungry are Fed Quiz #17
18. The Lost is Found Quiz #18
19. Others Go First Quiz #19
20. Giving God Honor Quiz #20
21. Zacchaeus Sees Jesus Quiz #21
22. A Glad Easter Day Quiz #22
23. Two Friends Meet Jesus Quiz #23
24. Jesus Goes Home Quiz #24


Know Your Bible — Level 2

Lessons Quizzes
1. Rebekah's Decision Quiz #1
2. A Quarrel is Ended Quiz #2
3. No Need to Fear Quiz #3
4. Cake for All Quiz #4
5. God's Boy Quiz #5
6.Two Friends Quiz #6
7. Your Plan or God's Quiz #7
8. God is Our Helper Quiz #8
9. A Wall is Built Quiz #9
10. Princes Obey Quiz #10
11. Jesus is Born Quiz #11
12. A Man Sees Jesus Quiz #12
13. Jesus as a Boy Quiz #13
14. A Beautiful World Quiz #14
15. Jesus and Children Quiz #15
16. Girl Gets Well Quiz #16
17. A Perfect Gift Quiz #17
18. The Good Samaritan Quiz #18
19. A Golden Rule Quiz #19
20. A Kind Helper Quiz #20
21. Our Friend, Jesus Quiz #21
22. Palm Sunday Quiz #22
23. Jesus is Alive Quiz #23
24. Peter Obeys Jesus Quiz #24


Know Your Bible — Level 3

Lessons Quizzes
1. God Makes the World Quiz #1
2. The Garden Home Quiz #2
3. Surprise Visitors Quiz #3
4. Rebekah at the Well Quiz #4
5. Jacob's Dream Quiz #5
6. Baby Moses Quiz #6
7. Moses Goes to Midian Quiz #7
8. God Provides Quiz #8
9. A Faithful Servant Quiz #9
10. God's Promise Quiz #10
11. The New Baby Quiz #11
12. The Shepherds Quiz #12
13. Jesus Growing Up Quiz #13
14. Jesus Goes to School Quiz #14
15. Jesus Heals Quiz #15
16. Four Friends Help Quiz #16
17. Feeding the Hungry Quiz #17
18. Jesus Understands Quiz #18
19. Blind Bartimaeus Quiz #19
20. Philip and the Stranger Quiz #20
21. The Children Sing Quiz #21
22. The Upper Room Quiz #22
23. The First Easter Quiz #23
24. A Friend Comes Back Quiz #24


Know Your Bible — Level 4

Lessons Quizzes
1. Ruth the Gleaner Quiz #1
2. David the Shepherd Quiz #2
3. The Shepherd Chosen to be King Quiz #3
4. The King and the Cripple Boy Quiz #4
5. The King who Built the Temple Quiz #5
6. The Boy who Repaired the Temple Quiz #6
7. Elijah and the Poor Woman Quiz #7
8. The Little Maid and Her Master Quiz #8
9. How an African Helped Quiz #9
10. The First Christmas Night Quiz #10
11. The Star of the King Quiz #11
12. The Baby in the Temple Quiz #12
13. The Boy Jesus at Jerusalem Quiz #13
14. Fishermen Friends of Jesus Quiz #14
15. Jesus in the Grainfields Quiz #15
16. The Raising of Jairus' Little Daughter Quiz #16
17. Jesus and the Nobleman's Son Quiz #17
18. Jesus Blessing the Children Quiz #18
19. In the House of Zacchaeus Quiz #19
20. The Widow's Valuable Offering Quiz #20
21. Jesus Gives His Life Quiz #21
22. Jesus is Living Quiz #22
23. Peter and the Lame Man Quiz #23
24. Dorcas the Kind Helper Quiz #24


valuable insights from the Old Testament books of Genesis and Exodus

Light from the Old Testament

This series from The Mailbox Club presents valuable insights and applications from Genesis and Exodus. Each lesson is in multiple parts.

Lessons Quizzes
1. Intro and early Bible characters through Noah Quiz #1
2. Tower of Babel; Abraham and Isaac Quiz #2
3. Jacob, Joseph and Moses Quiz #3
4. Israel's Deliverance Quiz #4
5. Wilderness; the Law; first two Commandments Quiz #5
6. Rest of Ten Commandments Quiz #6
7. The Tabernacle Quiz #7
8. The Tabernacle and Furnishings Quiz #8
9. More about the Tabernacle and its Furnishings Quiz #9
10. The Golden Altar and the Holy of Holies Quiz #10


Survey of the Scriptures - an overview of all the books in the Bible

Survey of the Scriptures

This Course, for mature teens and adults, will help you understand the unity of the Bible and the themes and basic content of its 66 books in 10 interesting and unique self-running audio-visual presentations. Each lesson contains narration and graphics lasting 15-20 minutes. Original material is from a Moody Institute of Science presentation copyrighted © 1962 by Moody Bible Institute, updated and adapted for web use by UB David & I'll B Jonathan, Inc.

IMPORTANT: you should have a high-speed Internet connection in order to view these easily as the video files are large.

Begin by clicking on the Lesson 1 link below (please begin with LESSON 1 especially if you intend to do the questions). After you have gone through each lesson in its video version you can return to this page and click on the relevant "Quiz" link to do the questions for that lesson.

Lessons Quizzes
1. Book of Books Quiz #1
2. The Pentateuch Quiz #2
3. Rise of the Hebrew Nation Quiz #3
4. Decline of the Hebrew Nation Quiz #4
5. Books of Poetry Quiz #5
6. Prophetical Books Quiz #6
7. Between the Testaments Quiz #7
8. The Four Gospels Quiz #8
9. Book of Acts Quiz #9
10. Romans to Revelation Quiz #10


A Journey of Faith with the Genesis Patriarchs

A Study in Genesis 12 – 50

This in-depth series on Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and Joseph will help you understand better the nature of faith and your walk with God. These are some of the most memorable personalities in the Bible, with fascinating stories and significant lessons for us.

Each session is a self-running audio-visual presentation produced by Rev. Brian Cummins (WebServant for this website) and can be viewed online or downloaded in MP4 format (as well as MP3 audio only, plus PDF versions of the scripts). Sessions run between 5 and 16 minutes long with an average of about 10 minutes each so you can tackle this series in bite-sized chunks.

Sessions Quizzes
Session #1: The Context of Abraham's Call Quiz #1
Session #2: The Nature of God's Call to Abraham Quiz #2
Session #3: Abraham's Failure & God's Faithfulness Quiz #3
Session #4: Lot's Choice; What it means to Embrace the Call of God Quiz #4
Session #5: Saving Faith in a Covenant God Quiz #5
Session #6: Justifying Grace & Covenant Assurance Quiz #6
Session #7: Announcement of Isaac's Birth Quiz #7
Session #8: Arrival of Isaac; Departure of Ishmael Quiz #8
Session #9: Testing Abraham's Faith Quiz #9
Session #10: Proving Jehovah's Faithfulness Quiz #10
Session #11: Crucial Context of Jacob's Story Quiz #11
Session #12: The Birthright & the Blessing Quiz #12
Session #13: The Results of Deception Quiz #13
Session #14: Bethel—An Encounter with God Quiz #14
Session #15: Jacob's Response; and Penuel—Wrestling with God Quiz #15
Session #16: Joseph's Dreams & Killers of the Dream Quiz #16
Session #17: The Wise Ways of God in Joseph's Life Quiz #17
Session #18: Pharaoh's Dreams & Inversion of Power Quiz #18
Session #19: Our Response: Patient Perseverance in Faith Quiz #19
Session #20: God & Joseph Work to Change His Family Quiz #20
Session #21: Joseph's Double Disclosure Quiz #21


An in-depth study of the Book of Judges

The Book of Judges

This in-depth study of an entire Old Testament book is intended for mature teens and adults. It will provide you with many practical principles for living the Christian life as we explore the fascinating stories of Israel's "Dark Ages".

Each session is a self-running audio-visual presentation produced by Rev. Brian Cummins (WebServant for this website) and can be viewed online or downloaded in mp4 format. Sessions run between 8 and 18 minutes long with an average of a little under 13 minutes each. Scripts of each session are available in PDF format and audio-only (mp3) files can also be downloaded from each session page.

Sessions Quizzes
Welcome and brief introduction  
Session #1: context and structure Quiz #1
Session #2: historical introduction Quiz #2
Session #3: thematic introduction Quiz #3
Session #4: slavery-deliverance cycle Quiz #4
Session #5: Othniel, Ehud & Shamgar Quiz #5
Session #6: Deborah Quiz #6
Session #7: Deborah's followers & her song Quiz #7
Session #8: Gideon Quiz #8
Session #9: Gideon—fleece-setting & testings Quiz #9
Session #10: Gideon defeats the Midianites Quiz #10
Session #11: conclusion of Gideon's story Quiz #11
Session #12: Abimelech—the principle of control Quiz #12
Session #13: conclusion of Abimelech's story Quiz #13
Session #14: Minor Judges & Jephthah's early story Quiz #14
Session #15: Jephthah's vow Quiz #15
Session #16: Samson's unique birth & ministry Quiz #16
Session #17: Samson—ungodly attitudes & riddle Quiz #17
Session #18: Samson and his fatal flaw Quiz #18
Session #19: Samson and Delilah Quiz #19
Session #20: Epilogue first story: Micah & Levite Quiz #20
Session #21: Epilogue second story: tribe of Dan Quiz #21
Session #22: Epilogue 3rd story: Levite & concubine Quiz #22
Session #23: Characteristics of a Degraded Society Quiz #23
Session #24: Epilogue 4th story: Israel vs. Benjamin Quiz #24
Session #25: Israel against Benjamin (cont.) Quiz #25
Session #26: Finding wives for Benjamin survivors Quiz #26
Session #27: Five main principles from Judges Quiz #27