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Lesson 16: How to Enjoy God (Part 2)

Lesson 16: How to Enjoy God (part 2)



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1. Christ died for us

    a) that, whether we live in this life or die, we should "live together with Him."

    b) just to give us a place in heaven when we die.

2. Where is Christ living?

    a) In this world.

    b) In "the Father's house."

3. "The Father's house" for us now is

    a) enjoying this life on earth as best we can until we die and go to be with the Lord.

    b) living in the conscious enjoyment of God's live, enjoying Him, knowing that we are the objects of His love.

4. As to the believer's past, that has been taken care of. As to the future,

    a) that is absolutely assured.

    b) we do not know what will happen.

5. The Holy Spirit has come down

    a) to give us wonderful feelings and experiences.

    b) to make known to us the glory and the joy of the place where Christ is.

6. If you have a controversy with God,

    a) it won't affect your life as long as you read God's Word, pray, and go to church regularly.

    b) you will not enjoy God or make any progress in your Christian life until you say, "Yes" to God.

7. To be a "son of God" is

    a) to think too highly of yourself.

    b) to be the object of God's love and delight.

8. If you have wronged someone,

    a) just tell God about it.

    b) tell God about it and go to that person and make things right.

9. If you want to enjoy God, you should

    a) faithfully attend and support a Christ-honoring church.

    b) go to whatever church is convenient to you.

10. God's purpose in all of His ways with us is

    a) to make us happy.

    b) to make Christ everything to us.

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